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→ MAIP 2021 Fellow 

01 Wait, is this the Rest of My Life?

I know it's been said countless times, but I'm here to say it again: growing up is scary. This summer felt like it belonged to somebody else. Somebody who has their life together. Somebody who knows exactly what's going on. Somebody who doesn't feel so lost. To say the least, I was in the thick of it

My time as a MAIP Fellow and an Art Director intern at Laundry Service has been an absolute whirlwind. Especially when you're so caught up in the nitty-gritty of everything, it's hard to find time to pause and look back at all the progress you've made. Being put into the chaos of agency life and trusted to handle real client work was such an eye-opening experience. One that forced me to stop and acknowledge all of the work that I've put into honing my craft. Of course, I still have so much to learn and many things that I have no clue about, but rather than letting myself become all-consumed by the infamous Imposter Syndrome, I was patient with myself and others. As I've progressed in my personal journey and career, I've come to recognize that asking for help isn't a sign of weakness.


It's important to jump into the unknown. Although, you can't make your way though it alone.



02 A Dynamic Trio

My experience at Laundry Service would have been so drastically different without the support of my AD partner & fellow MAIP-er Lia Ospina and our amazing manager Gabe Baer. I've always heard stories about "the perfect creative partner," but I was always witnessing the magic happen from the sidelines. Before this internship, I never got that feeling of true synergy and of a partnership where I wasn't afraid to voice my thoughts, spit out horrificly bad ideas, and debate over what the best course of action was without fear of being shut down.

Throughout my internship, I've learned how big of a difference just one person can make. Especially while doing everything virtually from home, it was so important to me that I was able to have two strong pillars of support whenever I felt overwhelmed or stuck. As a team, we were able to make amazing work, constantly pushing ourselves and encouraging one another to take time to rest and step back for a bit when that 4 am fatigue hit. 

I've learned that the best teams are the ones that prioritize the people before the work.

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